Monday, May 28, 2012

100 Butt-Kicking Chicks #2: Ms. Marvel!

Today's butt-kicking entry is Ms. Marvel! (A bit minimalist, I know, but this was sort of a rush job.)

I'm won't bend your ear too much about the character right now. I'll be revisiting her again eventually -- Carol Danvers may not've had as many costume changes as The Wasp (coming soon!), but artistically speaking, there's no way I can ignore the '70s hot pants outfit. 

It's true, the belly shirt wasn't just invented in the '90s.

The one big thing I learned from searching for costume reference for this drawing was what a popular cosplay character Ms. Marvel is. Which, in hindsight, duh -- it's an easy enough costume to assemble, and otherwise all you need is blonde hair and a perfect figure. (Which again, duh, also explains the popularity of photos of the character on the Internet.)

I also learned that Marvel Comics itself uses pro cosplayers like model Miracole Burns for art reference (as did I for this picture), another item that makes a lot of sense in hindsight, especially with the "realism" trend in art from the last few years. Live and learn!

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