Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ito My Valentine

Hearts, flowers and, of course, candy are all awesome, but as fans of both horror and comics, we thought we'd bring something a little different. Happy Valentine's Day!

These are based on the manga of Junji Ito, ever excellent artist of the gross and scary. Specifically, these are from the famous Uzumaki, except for the second one, which is from his mutant-fish-take-over-the-world story, Gyo.

For more Ito, check out his Hanging Balloons story on Same Hat.


  1. Hey I know this is super ancient and I'm sorry but would you mind if I put something similar to one of these designs on a shirt?? Not to sell, obviously, but just to wear myself. Or, I mean, alternatively, could you yourself make one of them a shirt on zazzle or cafepress or something? Because I just NEED it oh my god.

  2. Glad you like! I think it's cool to make a shirt just for yourself (as long as you don't sell it), but I don't have the rights to make anything.

    If you do make something, though, you should totally add the artist's name, because it'd be cool. Something like JUNJI ITO = AWESOME. : )

    1. Yeah, definitely. Thanks a lot!