Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Future!

In which we roll out the red carpet, throw open the doors, and hang up the "Grand Opening" sign...

The most obvious question is, Why another blog? But that's easy. No matter how overcrowded the proverbial blogosphere may be, or how much the term "blogosphere" sounds like a cage match event from American Gladiators, or how many people are already out there offering their thoughts on every subject under the sun, none of them are us and they're not voicing our thoughts. This deficiency in the mediaverse has now, at long last, been corrected.

And then, Who are we? Your current keyboardist is Mark, a sometime writer and artist and giant robot consultant. Sharing the spotlight will be Julie, writer and editor extraordinaire. We love comics of every flavor and nationality, science fiction and fantasy and spooky horror, social satire and steamy romance and fuzzy animals.

And finally, What's with the site name? "Thrill Power" is an homage to the venerable British sci-fi anthology comic 2000 AD, whose every issue is jam-packed with weird ideas, punk attitude, and hyphenated "thrill-power" by the bucketload. After thirty years, its futuristic title has become somewhat anachronistic. But perhaps, for those of who grew up in the waning decades of the twentieth century, the year 2000 is as much a state of mind - an unattainable vision of The World That's Coming, always around the corner but just out of reach - as a number on a calendar. Or maybe it's just too late to change the title, who knows?

In any case, it was 2000 AD that more or less formed Mark's world view when he was an impressionable British schoolboy, and it set a standard of weirdness and creativity and sly wit by which all else is to be judged. It's just one of the many many things we plan to talk about on this blog, but as we go on to explore strange new corners of the storytelling universe, we'll return periodically to the pages of this awesome anthology to sing the praises of Pat Mills and ponder the etymology of catchphrases like "zarjaz" and "scrotnig." What's more, the name we picked for this site serves as something of a mission statement, expressing our intention to talk about things we find Thrilling and Powerful and just plain cool.

And finally, the domain name was available. In this day and age, isn't that the greatest miracle of all?

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  1. Hooray! More Mark and Julie makes me a happy Grebo. While I wasn't raised on 2000AD, DR & Quinch was formative to my young mind. And I loves me some Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper, and Nemesis the Warlock. So I give a big "amen" to this blog, and to the sentiment of discussing things that are thrilling and powerful. Wheeee!